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Meet Loving Touch Owner and Care Advisor Donna Gormley.

Donna Gormley, Owner Loving Touch In Home CareMy greatest joy is to say, "Yes, you can continue to live in the home you love," and to assure family members that, thanks to our wonderful caregivers, their loved one will be kept safe, comfortable, and interested in life.
We understand…
  • Your loved one is at a difficult crossroad in his or her life – and that means, so are you.
  • Your parent may be struggling with a variety of health concerns – or the loss of physical and cognitive abilities. More than ever, he or she needs your support and love.
  • You might feel overwhelmed with responsibility as you try to handle day-to-day tasks and find the best care for your loved one.
  • This is a vulnerable and difficult time for everyone, with no easy answers.

That’s why you need Loving Touch – and our support and guidance.

Thanks to our experience with seniors at all levels of care, we can help you determine your loved one’s needs, desires, and preferences – and then work to meet each one.

We understand this transition can be difficult and stressful, and that's why we're here. If you have questions, just need to talk, or are only starting your search, give us a call. We can help.

Together we can make life as good as possible.

Loving Touch provided my mother, who had dementia, with consistent and compassionate care. Their caregivers are very devoted and see in-home care of the elderly as a calling.

- Dr. Betsy Weiss

Stay in your home ...

Stay independent ...

with care

you can trust.